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$ 200,000



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$ 858

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$ 5,000



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$ 214

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Buying any home on your own is too expensive .

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Questions like:

Do I have to live there?

What happens if things break?

Who is the property manager?

Our dedicated support team makes it simple.


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Cher’s interactive map and built-in social network makes everything easy. Search, share and buy.

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We offer some of the most competitve rates in the industry with very little down.

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“Forward thinking and adds value to the whole process and makes it easier and understandable.”

Nicole P.
Orange County, CA

“I am currently not in a financial situation where I can afford a home and I hate wasting money on rent. It’s like throwing my hard earned money away. Cher helps me become more financially independent.”

Rachel B.
Los Angeles County, CA

“Real Estate and buying a home has a lot of complexities and this tool really helps individuals make better and informed decisions when buying a home.”

Charlie H.
Seattle, WA

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